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Vitaquin Hydroquinone 5% Cream


Vitaquin Hydroquinone 5% Cream contains 5% hydroquinone in a cream base substance of cream containing broad-spectrum sunscreens Octyl dimethyl PABA and oxybenzone.


Vitaquin Hydroquinone 5% Cream

To whiten the skin gradually from age spots, dark spots (freckles), and black spots (melasma) and whiten dark pigment in the skin caused by contraceptives oral drugs, black spots, color, and other skin disorders caused by melanin.

The pigment or melanin of the skin is formed by melanocytes. Melanocytes are cells under the epidermis of the skin responsible for producing melanin, a black pigment. In unhealthy conditions, these cells produce melanin in large numbers and cause melanin to build upon a part of the surface of the skin, creating black spots or spots.

Brand : Vitaquin Hydroquinone
: 15 grams
Manufacture: SDM Labs

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